United Surgical Tens 7000 Home Treatment -Tens Unit Tens Machine for Pain Management, Back Pain and Rehabilitation. (My Review)

The Ten 7000 is a great home treatment for anyone who has back pain.

 Back pain relief

 Personal use


  • I have personal used the Tens 7000 and I found it to really help me relief my back pain.
  • I also got one for my grandmother and she loves it as well!
  • This is a great for anyone who has back pain.

Product Features


  • Electronic nerve stimulation (ens) for pain management and rehabilitation
  • Includes: 1 complete sets electrodes – four (4) individual electrodes in all, a TENS unit manual, TENS Unit, lead wires, 9-volt battery, instructions, carrying case
  • Professional unit: Tens 7000. Portable unit with flexible and adjustable settings
  • 5 modes of operation: burst, normal, modulation, strength duration 1 and strength duration 2.
  • Automatically time and record sessions (record over 900 hours)


Back pain relief




Product Details

  • Tens unit – TENS machine for pain management, back pain and rehabilitation. Portable, flexible and adjustable.
  • A professional TENS unit 7000 complete with lead wires, TENS electrodes, battery, case. Electro stimulation TENS therapy.
  • Included: – 1 set of electrodes – four (4) individual electrodes in all –
  • a TENS unit manual – TENS unit – lead wires – 9-Volt battery – instructions – carrying case a professional TENS unit the Tens 7000 is a portable unit with a great deal of flexibility and many adjustable settings.
  • 5 modes of operation burst, normal, modulation, strength duration 1 and strength duration 2 the TENS unit is used for pain management and rehabilitation.


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tens unit


What others say about Tens 7000….

This is NOT A TOY! I get treated by my chiropractor every month with a professional TENS unit for Sciatic Nerve pain. This does almost as good as his Professional Equipment. It is by no means a professional device, but it is as close as you can get without a license. Worth the money and use it properly. I can not turn it all the way up during a 15 minute treatment, it is too powerful. The stimulation is great and this is the way to go.” Edward A.

Very happy with this TENS unit! It is very versatile and extremely portable. The first time I turned it on, I could not believe the power. It actually feels almost as good as the professional unit that the physical therapist used on me. Highly recommended!” Pat C.

Works wonderfully! I think this is every bit as good as the one my chiropractor uses and way cheaper than a visit :)” Linda A.

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Tens 7000 F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy Tens Unit 7000?

A: You can directly buy Tens 7000 through this link 

Q: How much is the Tens 7000? 

A: Only $30.00 plus free shipping here 


 Q: How long will this unit last on a single battery?

A: 48 hours with the included battery. I would recommend you invest in either rechargeable or Lithium batteries for this machine. The rechargeable battery means you spend once and then recharge. Lithium batteries last an extremely long time, perfect if you wear the device near constantly and don’t want to replace batteries every two days. The Lithium batteries are just about equal cost wise with the rechargeable ones if you consider the cost of the batteries and charger. If you travel a lot, the Lithium batteries are the way to go. At home, the rechargeable ones work best. It all depends on your situation.